Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


Camp Meeting Again

For the year 1870 four camp meetings were scheduled in the West in early summer, and ten in the Eastern States in the late summer and fall. The first would be at Marion, Iowa, opening June 9. James and Ellen White had, at the turn of the year, purchased a modest home in Washington, Iowa, as a hideout where they could get away to relax and pursue their writing. They would spend a week there on their way to the Iowa camp meeting. 2BIO 290.2

The few days there brought a welcome change, of which Ellen wrote to her prospective daughter-in-law, Emma McDearmon, who was engaged to Edson. 2BIO 290.3

We spent a very pleasant week in Washington. I wrote more in one week than I have written in six weeks at Battle Creek. We had no interruptions. Although I have not spent all the time in writing, I walked in the beautiful garden. Worked in the field weeding out strawberries until I became so lame I could not move without much pain. 2BIO 290.4

Sunday we had two meetings in a meetinghouse in Washington. The people invited my husband to speak. We had a good congregation and good interest to hear. We had freedom in speaking to them.—Letter 9, 1870. 2BIO 291.1

Ellen devoted the next day to her writing. As evening came on, she and James packed, preparing for the two-day trek by carriage to Marion, the first camp meeting of the season. Other carriages would join theirs as they traveled. 2BIO 291.2