Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


The 1868 General Conference Session

James and Ellen White left Greenville for Battle Creek on Friday, April 24, traveling by way of Wright and Monterey. Both of them preached, and James baptized along the way. The conference session opened May 12. “The business sessions throughout,” reported J. H. Waggoner, “were largely attended, and characterized by a spirit of union and an earnest desire to advance the cause.” He added, “Perhaps we have never held a conference where more perfect harmony prevailed. In this we have a complete vindication of our organization” (The Review and Herald, May 26, 1868). 2BIO 229.4

The ever-broadening business of the conference was attended to. Provision was authorized for some person to assist the Whites as an amanuensis. On Sabbath morning, when the Adventist community and the delegates were present, a resolution was passed expressing the feelings of the congregation: 2BIO 229.5

Resolved, That we consider it a duty, as it is truly a pleasure, to express our heartfelt gratitude to our kind heavenly Father for restoring to us our beloved Brother and Sister White so good a degree of health and strength. We recognize their calling of God, to an important sphere of labor in the great work of the third angel's message, to instruct, to warn, and to reprove; and we hereby unitedly pledge to them our sympathies and our prayers in the discharge of their arduous duties.—Ibid. 2BIO 229.6

Andrews was continued as General Conference president, and James White was put on the General Conference Committee of three. 2BIO 230.1

In meetings held in Battle Creek immediately after the General Conference session, Dr. R. T. Trall, of Florence Heights, New Jersey, gave a series of lectures on health. In the main these were well received (Pacific Union Recorder, June 19, 1913). 2BIO 230.2