Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


Back Home in Battle Creek

Back in Battle Creek on Sabbath, January 11, James White took the morning service and preached on the parable of the lost sheep. In the afternoon Andrews and Ellen White spoke. Sunday morning Ellen had the meeting. She gave “an account of absorbing interest of what she had seen relative to the view given to Moses of the land of Canaan, typical and antitypical” (Ibid., January 14, 1868). James White reported concerning their eastern tour: 2BIO 220.1

We have, in this time [nearly three months], traveled by railroad 3,200 miles, and by private conveyance 600. Have held 140 meetings, and preached 60 times, and have spoken more or less in nearly all these meetings. Mrs. White has spoken from half an hour to two hours in more than 100 of these meetings. We have assisted in the ordination of four ministers, and the dedication of one house of worship. Have presided in the examination of 150 candidates for baptism, and have baptized 18.... 2BIO 220.2

We have returned to this dear people, weary and worn, where we share their full sympathy, and where Mrs. White and self are heard as in former days. 2BIO 220.3

We leave for our good home in Greenville the fifteenth, where we hope to hear from friends.—Ibid. 2BIO 220.4

No question, James and Ellen White were back in the harness again. What a year it had been! 2BIO 220.5