Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2)


Return to Battle Creek

In late November or early December, James and Ellen White returned to Battle Creek. There had been a turn for the better in his health. On December 8, writing to Edson, she reported: 2BIO 156.2

Your father seems much improved. He is gaining victories in regard to his eating. We could not ask him to do better than he has been doing. He seems more like himself—interests himself in matters transpiring around him and is more social. I am greatly encouraged in his case. I have been out riding with him almost every day the past week. Have visited Richard [Godsmark], Brother Graves twice, Sister Sawyers, and Eliza Bovee. I shall stand by your father in his efforts to overcome. I know that he has a hard struggle and needs the help of God.—Letter 6, 1866. 2BIO 156.3

It seemed that at long last an appreciable change was coming in James White's experience, and that the year of captivity was nearing its end. 2BIO 156.4