Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


Instructed to Tell what She Saw at Salamanca

I awakened in the morning with a decided impression that I should go into the ministers’ meeting, and bear the message which the Lord had given me at Salamanca, New York, in our three months’ tour.—Manuscript 19a, 1891. 3BIO 479.1

We turn now to the Robinson account: 3BIO 479.2

Brother Ellery Robinson and I were being entertained during the conference at the home of Brother W. C. White. As we were on our way to the Tabernacle to attend the five-thirty meeting Sunday morning, passing the home of Sister White and noticing the house lighted up, Brother White remarked that he would call and see if his mother was ill.—DF 107b, A. T. Robinson statement. 3BIO 479.3

He found her busily engaged in writing. “She then told him that an angel of God had wakened her about three o'clock, and had bidden her to go to the ministers’ meeting and relate some things shown her at Salamanca. She said that she arose quickly, and had been writing for about two hours.”—Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, 315. 3BIO 479.4

She proceeded with her son to the Tabernacle, where they found the meeting had opened and the ministers were engaged in a season of prayer. Olsen described her entry: 3BIO 479.5

While we were engaged in prayer, Sister White walked in with a bundle of manuscript under her arm. Her coming was entirely unexpected, and of course we all received the impression that she would have something special for us. At the close of the prayer season and singing a verse, we gave her the time. She arose and stated that she had not expected to attend this meeting, that she had told Elder Olsen the day before that having attended a number of meetings in succession, she would not come today; but that at three o'clock she had been awakened, someone taking hold of her arm and waking her up; and then she had arisen immediately, gotten ready, gathered up her matter, and had come to the meeting. She was impressed that she should present some things that had been shown her in November the year before, while she was at Salamanca, New York.—DF 107b, O. A. Olsen account, August 19, 1914. 3BIO 479.6