Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


Ellen White's Sixty-First Birthday

But first, a brief interlude, as for a few hours seemingly ever-present concerns were laid aside for a celebration of Sister White's birthday. Monday morning, November 26, she spoke to the workers at Potterville, then took the train to Battle Creek. Soon she was settled in pleasant rooms at the Sanitarium. She reported in a letter to Mary: 3BIO 419.3

Soon after I arrived, all tired out with labor, sisters began to come in and I did not mistrust anything for some time, and at last learned that it was a little party of my old friends to celebrate my sixty-first birthday. We all took dinner which had been arranged at the Sanitarium. All passed off well and pleasantly. I was too thoroughly wearied out to enjoy the matter as I otherwise would.—Letter 82a, 1888. 3BIO 419.4

Urged by the Spirit of God, on Thursday she took the train for Des Moines, Iowa, to attend the six-day Statewide ministers’ meeting; she spoke six times. 3BIO 419.5