Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


The Third Visit to Italy

Ellen White expected to spend two weeks in Italy, but when they got to Torre Pellice they soon discovered that a man named Corcorda was there attempting to neutralize the work A. C. Bourdeau had just done with the evangelistic tent; Corcorda got his ammunition from Miles Grant. With opposition coming early in Ellen White's first visit to Italy and repeated now, it seemed impossible to accomplish much. But there was one bright spot during the days in Italy. She received a letter from Willie announcing the birth of his second daughter, Mabel. She was happy to welcome this second grandchild, born November 1. 3BIO 358.1

She spoke in Torre Pellice on Sabbath and in Villar Pellice on Sunday. After remaining a few days, however, she saw that little could be accomplished. She and the Ingses turned their faces toward Basel, spending two weeks on their journey home, visiting churches in Lausanne and Bienne in Switzerland. 3BIO 358.2

She reached Basel Tuesday, November 23. She had been gone for ten weeks. As she gave a report to Butler the next day, she wrote: 3BIO 358.3

I have for weeks been exposed to fogs and rains and bad air in halls. I have talked in halls where it was sometimes very hot and the air was impure and then have gone out into a sharp, cutting air from the lakes, and taken cold again and again.... In two days, the twenty-sixth of this month, I shall be 59 years old. I thank my heavenly Father for the strength that He has given me to do more work than I ever expected to do. I thank the Lord with heart and soul and voice. I am thinking we may not feel obliged to remain here in Europe much longer.—Letter 115, 1886. 3BIO 358.4