Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


The Week in Denmark

Because of headwinds the ship bearing Ellen White and her party did not reach Copenhagen until too late for a Sabbath meeting. But on Sunday afternoon the hall was well filled, and many stood as they listened with good attention to Ellen White. Her topic was “What Shall I Do to Be Saved?” Of the meeting she wrote: 3BIO 352.2

If I had not felt the power of the Lord sustaining, I should have felt discouraged. But for the thought that this would be the sowing of the seed which would bring forth good fruit, I should not have had any hope that our labors were producing results. But I was sustained in bearing the straight testimony. I had the assurance that Christ was by my side, inspiring my heart to utter the very message He gave me, and I was encouraged by Christ's presence. I felt a signal manifestation of His rich grace, and the interesting coincidences evidenced that the Lord Jesus was in the assembly.—Manuscript 67, 1886. 3BIO 352.3

At the Monday morning meeting twenty-four were present. It was a time of considerable unemployment in the city, and church members with work did not dare risk being away from their places of employment. She divided the week in Denmark between the rather poorly attended meetings, her writing, and some sightseeing. [A report of her visit to copenhagen may be found in The Review and Herald, October 26, 1886.] On Monday, July 26, with Sara McEnterfer and W. C. White, she hastened back to Basel. After spending about a month at home, she was off again to attend the Fourth European Missionary Council, to be held at Great Grimsby in England. 3BIO 352.4