Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


The Meetings in Sweden

Here the Swedish conference was to hold its annual session from Wednesday, June 23, to Monday, June 28, preceded by a week-long meeting for colporteurs and ministers. It was in the midst of this workers’ meeting that Ellen White began her ministry on Sabbath, June 19, with an afternoon service in the commodious rented hall. Her address was followed by a social meeting, and the testimonies borne led her at the conference, and later in her diary, to declare: 3BIO 345.3

We could but say, One Lord, one faith, one baptism. The brethren in Sweden have the very same experience as our brethren in America. This was a good meeting.—Manuscript 65, 1886. 3BIO 345.4

Following the rather dismal achievements of the literature ministry up to the time of the European Missionary Council in September, 1885, and encouraged at that meeting by Ellen White's message that colporteur work could succeed, J. G. Matteson had called a three-month colporteur institute in Stockholm, where thorough training was given. This had resulted in gratifying success for the colporteurs. The 1886 workers’ institute at Orebro was a refresher course. 3BIO 345.5

On the occasion of this visit a good hall that could seat three hundred was secured. Ellen White's meeting on Sunday afternoon was well advertised. When she came to the hall, she found it crowded, with many standing; she had to press her way through to the speaker's stand. A hundred were turned away for lack of room. She enjoyed freedom in speaking, and the crowd listened with excellent attention. 3BIO 345.6

The workers’ meeting would close on Wednesday. As she spoke at the morning devotional her topic was “Go Forward,” and she stressed the need of broader plans: 3BIO 346.1

What a work is before us! Forward, brethren, forward, and not one step backward! Bear in mind that you are being led by the Lord Jesus. There is a large amount of latent energy lying dormant. If you purify your souls by obeying the truth, you will be directed and led by the Lord Jesus. You will be properly directed, and you can be laborers together with God.... As you train your capabilities in faith your mind will unfold under the influence of the Holy Spirit's guidance.—Ibid. 3BIO 346.2