Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


Marian Davis Joins the Force

When W. C. White, in early February, returned from the General Conference session held in Battle Creek, Michigan, he brought with him quite a company of workers. It included L. R. Conradi and his wife, and Marian Davis. Commented Ellen White when she got the word that they would soon be in Basel, “This settles the question that we shall remain in Europe during the best portion of the year 1886. We shall prepare books here and have them published here.”—Letter 94, 1886. 3BIO 339.3

When Willie arrived in Basel, he found his mother confined to her bed. For some days she had overtaxed herself and found she must lay her pen aside. Even so, she did not cease her work, but made good use of Sara McEnterfer, dictating to her. On Tuesday, February 16, she wrote of this to Addie Walling: 3BIO 339.4

This morning I am so grateful to be able to do something on my writing. Marian and Mary [White] are now getting up a book of reports of travel and the morning talks, to be published. Sara makes a good reporter, so all the discourses have been reported and most of them are written out. I have several articles which we send at once to Eliza [Burnham] for the Signs.—Letter 95, 1886. 3BIO 340.1

Three days later she added to the letter: 3BIO 340.2

We are all busily at work. I have to write mostly by dictation, something I always declared I could not do, but I can, when I have to, do most anything.—Ibid.