Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


A Time of Spiritual Triumph

What a change from the general situation in 1883! Battle Creek College having made a change in direction in its thrust and program, was now prospering. An ever-increasing number of young men and women were enrolled there, preparing to enter the work of the church. The college president, W. H. Littlejohn, kept the triumphs of the college before the nationwide church through his cheering reports in the Review. In addition, from time to time he submitted articles on spiritual and doctrinal lines. 3BIO 262.1

The Battle Creek church, having made a turn around in attitude toward the college and toward the Spirit of Prophecy, was now exerting a strong, positive influence. Frequent reports from Healdsburg College and South Lancaster Academy indicated that these other schools of the church were making a positive contribution. Reports also were being received concerning several prominent members of outlying churches who were moving from darkness into the light. 3BIO 262.2

It was evident that the Spirit of God was at work, and the reception of the messages that the Holy Spirit indited Ellen White to give was raising the church to new heights of spiritual fervor. In writing to children William and Mary on the West Coast, she told of the reaction of the president of the General Conference: “Elder Butler says the fruits of last year's work, the testimony I bore, can never be fully estimated and the result known until eternity.”—Letter 60, 1884. 3BIO 262.3