Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


The 1883 General Conference Session

The General Conference session convened Thursday, November 8. A tender and harmonious spirit prevailed from the first. George Butler, in his opening address, referred to recent experiences in the attacks made on the visions and the Spirit of Prophecy: 3BIO 235.1

The bitter opposition waged against us this year is another source of encouragement. The opposition on the subject of spiritual gifts has created a great interest on that subject, and we should be preparing, by the publication of suitable works, to meet a still greater opposition in this direction in the near future.—The Review and Herald, November 20, 1883. 3BIO 235.2

Ellen White spoke to the ministers each morning. Writing to an Adventist businessman in Oakland near the close of the session, she reported: 3BIO 235.3

The Lord has blessed me greatly since these meetings have been in progress. We have had meetings for the ministers every morning at five o'clock and I have been able to attend and speak a short time to them. I have had special words given me as they were needed.... Our brethren are learning the simple art of believing as well as confessing their sins.—Letter 15a, 1883. 3BIO 235.4

Concerning the session, she declared, “There is a spirit of sweet amity and love among our ministering brethren. Business meetings move off harmoniously.”—Ibid. The conference session, together with the auxiliary meetings, ran the full twenty days as planned. 3BIO 235.5