Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


The Election of General Conference Officers

The national camp meeting opened on schedule on September 28. The first meeting of the General Conference session was held on Wednesday afternoon, October 6. 3BIO 147.5

As President of the General Conference, James White was in the chair. Twenty delegates were present, and by vote of the conference their number was increased to thirty-eight by drawing in from those present several from conferences who had limited delegations. The appropriate committees were appointed. 3BIO 147.6

Monday morning, October 11, the nominating committee reported with the following recommendations: 3BIO 147.7

For president, George I. Butler. For secretary, Uriah Smith. For treasurer, Mrs. M. J. Chapman. For Conference Committee, G. I. Butler, S. N. Haskell, and H. W. Kellogg.

James White, serving as chairman of the meeting, called for the vote. “The nominees were ...unanimously elected.”—The Review and Herald, October 14, 1880. 3BIO 147.8

There was no issue. 3BIO 148.1

Of the eleven organizations meeting during the session, the name of James White was brought in to head only one—The SDA Publishing Association. The other business of the General Conference session was quite routine, with all the business completed in just four meetings. In reporting the combined camp meeting-General Conference session, Uriah Smith noted: 3BIO 148.2

A few days of serious illness on the part of Sister White, in the midst of the meeting, caused some anxiety and depression for the time on the part of many. But as prayer was offered in her behalf, she was remarkably relieved, and enabled to labor again in her usual strength before the meeting closed.—Ibid., October 21, 1880 3BIO 148.3

As Ellen White wrote to her children on the Pacific Coast, she gave some interesting details of being healed on Sabbath morning and of her ministry later that day: 3BIO 148.4

I spoke about twenty minutes when strength came to me and the power of God rested upon me and also upon the congregation. This was a great victory. I called them forward and hundreds came seeking the Lord. I am a new woman. God has indeed wrought for me. I also spoke Sunday afternoon to the large crowd.—Letter 43, 1880. 3BIO 148.5

She added, “Father has laid off every responsibility except president of the [SDA] Publishing Association. And he has done it well, too.”—Ibid. 3BIO 148.6