Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3)


Early Beginnings on the Life of Christ

Ellen White had been able to write some on Christ's life in the late months of 1872. As fast as materials were prepared they were published in the Review and Herald—the first on December 17, titled “The First Advent of Christ.” Each of the next five issues carried an article. There was a six-week pause for her to catch up, and then another three articles, closing with April 8, 1873; this carried the story to the death of John the Baptist. Sometimes she had not been able to push ahead with the writing, and sometimes James, who gave her literary help, had been too busy to assist her. 3BIO 21.3

After a break of almost a year, eight articles appeared at irregular intervals between February and October in 1874. Five more, on the temptation of Christ, came out in 1875; the series closed in mid-April. At this time James and Ellen were dividing their labors between the East and the West. Camp meetings cut heavily into their time and strength, and writing on Christ's life was laid aside. Ellen White felt the need of competent literary help. 3BIO 22.1