Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Chapter 11—(1894) The Evangelistic Thrust in Australia

With the Wellington camp meeting fresh in their minds, the workers looked forward optimistically to plans for the first camp meeting in Australia. They entertained hopes that there would be a response similar to that witnessed in New Zealand. The meeting was scheduled to open in Melbourne on Friday, January 5, 1894, and there was just time to get the tents pitched for this innovation in gospel preaching. 4BIO 113.1

But this was not the only matter on the minds of the workers as they arrived in Sydney. A. G. Daniells, president of the Australian Conference, met their ship Wednesday morning, December 20. He had done some preliminary work in searching for a rural site for the school. For a week after the worker group from New Zealand arrived, they also were busily engaged in searching for a school site. That Thursday, according to Ellen White's diary, they were off by train to visit the Fountaindale Estate, fifty miles in the country. After weekend meetings in Sydney, Kellyville, and Parramatta, in which O. A. Olsen and Ellen White participated, they were off again on Monday morning to visit another tract of land. Again on Tuesday, before taking the night train for Melbourne, they visited other sites. It would be desirable, of course, to have something to report at the coming conference session, which would be held in connection with the camp meeting. 4BIO 113.2