Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Her Wellington Home

Her temporary home in New Zealand was the mission building secured for use primarily as a book depository. Mrs. M. H. Tuxford carried the responsibility of management, which was no small task considering that it served all of New Zealand. Ellen White described her as “a businesswoman and capable, pleasant, and active” (Manuscript 80, 1893). One room of the building was devoted to the book depository, Mrs. Tuxford resided in another, and three rooms were made available to Ellen White and Emily Campbell. 4BIO 91.2

It was planned that she would reside there for a month or six weeks, but it turned out to be the four months of the winter. 4BIO 91.3

It was Tuesday, April 18, when they moved in, and she closed her diary entry for that day with the words: “Now comes the taxing part of our work—preparing not only the American mail, which closes Thursday, but mail for Melbourne, which leaves every week.”—Ibid. 4BIO 91.4

As there was no church in Wellington, the whole worker group would drive six miles to Petone for Sabbath services. Ellen White tells of how it worked out: 4BIO 91.5

Last night the stars shone like diamonds in the heavens, but this morning is cloudy and rainy. Elder Israel, W. C. White, and Sister Brown go to Petone about nine o'clock. Sister Tuxford, Sister Israel, and I go this afternoon, as soon as we shall take an early dinner. But rain, rain, rain is the order of the day.... Brother Simpson, who bears the responsibilities of the meetings when he is at home, said to Willie, “I do not think your mother will come.” Willie said, “We will see. It would be an exceptional occurrence for my mother to fail to meet her appointments.” ... 4BIO 91.6

When we drove up to the place of meeting, there were about one dozen in all assembled, but when that carriage drove through the village and it was known I had come, the house was well filled, and ... best of all, we had the heavenly Guest. The Lord gave me words to speak to the people. John 14. I was surprised myself at the words given me.—Ibid. 4BIO 92.1

The reason for her surprise was that she had intended to speak on a different topic, but when she stood to speak, that subject was taken from her mind and another pressed itself forcibly upon her. 4BIO 92.2