Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Chapter 6—(1893) Influence at Administrative Convocations

Throughout the churches of Australia the newly introduced Week of Prayer was an inspirational experience, and made an excellent prelude to the fifth session of the Australian Conference, which opened on January 6, 1893. 4BIO 58.1

Meetings of the session were at first held in the tent pitched for use during the Melbourne Week of Prayer, but this was not a satisfactory arrangement for the session, so the work was moved to a rented hall. 4BIO 58.2

Ellen White spoke Sabbath afternoon, and although she was weary and exhausted, she could write later, “I never spoke with greater ease and freedom from infirmity. The hearers said my voice was clear and musical, and the congregation could ... but know that the Spirit and power of God was upon me.”—Letter 23a, 1893. As her writing allowed time, she attended meetings addressing the conference almost every day. Wednesday she spoke on the publishing work; and Friday she spoke on tithing, a subject not too well understood by all in the colonies. She declared the session itself to be “by far the best that has ever been held in this country,” and she wrote: 4BIO 58.3

All listened to me respectfully a year ago, but this year my message means far more to them.—Ibid. 4BIO 58.4

The main items of business taken up at the session dealt with advancing the cause through the personal ministry of the church members in missionary work, the developing of the literature ministry, and the newly started school. The committee on the permanent location of the school reported that study would be given to a climate that would be appropriate for students coming from Polynesia. 4BIO 58.5