Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Chapter 29—(1898) The First Half of 1898

Through early January, 1898, Ellen White passed through some days of perplexity at Sunnyside. On Tuesday, the eleventh, she attended a school board meeting where problems loomed. Later in the day in writing to Edson she opened her heart: 4BIO 342.1

In about six weeks the second term of school is to commence. I seem to shrink from the burden of being in any way connected with the school. Elder Haskell and his wife, Brother and Sister Wilson, and myself carried the load of responsibility during the last term. I wish to be counted out, and find some place where I can be away from the school, and give myself entirely to the work of getting out my books. But I will wait the opening of Providence. I will not choose for myself. I have asked this privilege of the Lord, and if He thinks best, He will make a way for me. I know not where to look or which way to turn, but I shall ask the Lord to help me.—Letter 36, 1898. 4BIO 342.2

The Lord helped her, but not in separating her from the interests of the school. A few days later she wrote: “I sometimes seem to be bearing my testimony in America. This may yet be so. The Lord knows all about the future.”—Letter 1, 1898. 4BIO 342.3