Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Planting and Building at Cooranbong

Two things were on Ellen White's mind as she hastened back to Cooranbong—the planting of the orchard and the construction of a humble dwelling. The preparation of the land and planting had the priority. Right after she returned, W. C. White learned that J.G. Shannon, a good Adventist builder from Tasmania, was in Sydney looking for work. For the Whites it seemed most fortunate, for they were at a loss to know who to get to put up the home on the land just purchased. For eight shillings ($2) a day, this master builder was employed and dispatched to Cooranbong to begin work on a five-room cottage (8 WCW, p. 46). Ellen White wrote of the activities at her place: 4BIO 221.4

Today [Sunday] I am rushing the workmen on preparing ground for the orchard. We have today captured a part of the students’ manual training company to clear the land for fruit trees which must be set this week and next, or give up the matter and lose one year. 4BIO 221.5

Emily and I are driving a span of horses hither and thither and are hunting for cows and gathering all the information possible in regard to planting, growing, et cetera.... 4BIO 222.1

Log heaps are burning all around us.... Immense trees, the giants of the forest, lie cut up by the roots all around us. It takes days to cut out one big tree. We are indeed in the very midst of clearing and burning the greatest trees I ever saw. 4BIO 222.2

I came up here really sick, but I am giving orders to my hired businessman ... to rush the work ..., for the trees must be planted without delay. Every other business stands aside now. I wish to provoke the workers on the school grounds to do something and do it now and not lose one year by delay. 4BIO 222.3

Letter 125, 1895.