Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Books for New Believers

She wanted to do all she could to bring stability to the experience of the new believers. She sent to the Echo office for a good supply of her books to give to the destitute, determined to supply those who wanted to read but could not buy. “The reading matter treating on present truth,” she said, “the people must have.”—Manuscript 59, 1895. Reaching out further, she wrote to Lucinda Hall in Battle Creek, asking for bound papers and also books, specified by titles that she could lend or give away (Letter 160, 1895). 4BIO 183.1

The aid she gave in clothes, food, literature, education, and the building of meetinghouses drew heavily on her resources, as did her assuming the support of three workers in the Sydney area that the conference, for lack of means, could no longer employ (Letter 110, 1895). 4BIO 183.2

As to meetinghouses, her investments included: 4BIO 183.3

One hundred dollars in one, and $150 in another; in four other meetinghouses, £5 each.... We have purchased a new tent to be erected in Canterbury, a new location to lift the standard of truth. Five pounds I donated to this enterprise. But I shall continue to invest as long as I can command any means, that the cause of God shall not languish.—Letter 46, 1895.