Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


The Call for a School

The delegates were quite conscious of the action taken by the General Conference in its March session toward starting a school. That matter was presented at the Melbourne session, with Tenney and W. C. White making appropriate remarks. Ellen White read important matter in regard to the church's schools and the work that should be done in them. She reported: 4BIO 24.6

Suddenly and unexpectedly to me the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was moved to give a decided testimony concerning the spiritual condition of many who had taken their position upon the truth in the colonies. After addressing the people I returned to my temporary home and tried to write.—Manuscript 45, 1891. 4BIO 24.7

At the session, work continued, and resolutions on the matter of establishing a school were brought forward and acted upon. These read: 4BIO 25.1

Whereas, There is an increasing demand for educated laborers in Australasia and adjoining fields, and in view of the fact that many young men and women now stand ready, and are waiting to enter a school where they may receive education and training for the work; and— 4BIO 25.2

Whereas, The distance and traveling expenses to America are so great as to make it impracticable for any large number to attend our colleges; therefore— 4BIO 25.3

4. Resolved, That it is our duty to take immediate steps toward the establishment of a school in Australasia. 4BIO 25.4

5. Resolved, That six persons be chosen by this conference, to act with two to be chosen by the conference in New Zealand to represent that field, and one chosen by our missionaries in Polynesia to represent that field, to act as a committee on location. 4BIO 25.5

6. Resolved, That a committee of seven on organization and plans be elected by this conference. 4BIO 25.6

7. Resolved, That in the interval preceding the location of this school, the erection of buildings and opening, the executive committee be authorized to arrange for and conduct such terms of a workers’ training school as they deem advisable.—The Bible Echo, January 15, 1892. 4BIO 25.7