Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Business Meetings of the Australian Conference

Throughout the week business meetings of the conference were held in the mornings, with various departments of the work given time for reports, discussions, and plans. Officers were elected for the ensuing year. A. G. Daniells was reelected president of the Australian Conference. Among the actions taken were two relating to the school. They were just in the midst of the period of uncertainty over its location, and the resolutions lacked precision and force: 4BIO 171.2

Whereas, Our educational work is of great importance, and 4BIO 171.3

Whereas, We believe a school for the education of workers, and especially of our young people in the colonies, should be maintained, and properly and permanently located, therefore— 4BIO 171.4

Resolved, That we hereby express regret should there be any unnecessary delay in permanently locating the school, and erecting buildings in harmony with the action taken by the union conference last January. And further— 4BIO 171.5

Resolved, That we approve of the school's being located in a rural district away from the large cities.—The Bible Echo, November 12, 1894. 4BIO 171.6