Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


Special Evidence in the Healing of Elder McCullagh

Although the vote had been taken to buy the acreage, it was felt that to be sure, another day should be spent in further investigation. On Thursday morning before leaving the little cottage at Dora Creek, they met for prayer to seek God's special guidance. As Ellen White prayed, she felt impressed to plead with God for some token, some special evidence, that would make certain to all present that they were moving in God's providence. 4BIO 151.5

In the group that morning was Elder McCullagh, who, afflicted with diseased lungs and throat, was losing ground physically. In writing to O. A. Olsen, she tells what took place: 4BIO 152.1

While we were all bowed in prayer, the Lord rolled upon me the burden of prayer for Brother McCullagh, that he should be blessed, strengthened, and healed. It was a most blessed season, and Brother McCullagh says the difficulty has been removed from his throat, and he has been gaining ever since.—Letter 57, 1894. 4BIO 152.2

McCullagh, speaking of it later, said that it seemed as though a shock of electricity went through his body. His coughing ceased and he soon regained his normal weight and strength. Thirty-four years later he was still living. 4BIO 152.3

The further examination of the property on that Thursday confirmed the conviction that they should move forward with plans for the establishment of the school on the Brettville estate. 4BIO 152.4