Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4)


The Month-by-Month American Mails

On April 9, she wrote of preparing the American mail while the house was full of visitors. “Elder Starr had to do most of the entertaining,” she wrote, “for my letters must be prepared for the American mail.”—Manuscript 23, 1894. And on April 16, the day the mail closed, as she finished her letter to A. T. Jones, she, in weariness declared: “I can write no more. This mail carries out more than one hundred pages.”—Letter 68, 1894. 4BIO 133.1

The May American mail carried 150 pages, some addressed to the president of the General Conference. 4BIO 133.2

In many cases the communications ran from four or five pages of double-spaced typewritten material to ten or twelve, and the few lines quoted in this volume, although selected as epitomizing the thrust of a respective message, represent but very brief samples of the many, many messages painstakingly penned. 4BIO 133.3