Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


Chapter 15—At Home in Switzerland for the Winter

Appointments in Basel, Geneva, and Lausanne

Ellen White spent the first day of 1886 writing and knitting stockings. In a letter to her niece, Addie Walling, she told of her New Year resolutions: EGWE 148.1

“The old year is in the past and the new year is before us. Day by day the record will go up to God. What history shall I make? Oh, that it may be such a record as I shall not be ashamed to meet in the Judgment. I want to have Jesus with me every hour.”—Letter 91, 1886. EGWE 148.2

Early the next morning, Sabbath, Kristine Dahl came to her room and opened her heart to the older woman, telling her she wanted to be a Christian and had decided to be baptized that day. Exclaimed Mrs. White, “Oh, how thankful I felt that she had strength to do this—to identify herself with the people of God.”—Manuscript 61, 1886. EGWE 148.3

That afternoon Kristine and three others were immersed. Then everyone participated in the ordinances of the Lord's house. After taking her stand Kristine regularly joined the Whites in their family worship, taking her turn in reading the Scriptures. Before coming to Basel she had lived with her family in Norway. EGWE 148.4

That Sabbath was a special day of victory in another sense. The leaders of the work in Basel had hoped to raise extra money during the holiday season to purchase tents for evangelistic work in Central Europe. The appeal had been delayed because of Edith Andrews’ death, but when $140 came in on the first Sabbath of the New Year, Ellen White was highly pleased. EGWE 148.5