Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


The Invitation Comes From Europe

From May 28 to June 1, 1884, the second session of the European Missionary Council was held in Basel, Switzerland. George I. Butler, from America, presided. At this meeting, resolutions were adopted requesting the General Conference to ask Mrs. E. G. White and her son W. C. White, then residents in California, to visit the European missions. At the General Conference held in Battle Creek, Michigan, the following November, which they both attended, the request was acted upon. EGWE 23.4

The resolution read, in part: EGWE 23.5

“We express our earnest desire that Sr. White may visit Europe, that the cause here may share the benefits of her labors and of the precious light and instruction which the Lord so graciously grants us through His servant.”—The Review and Herald, November 11, 1814, p. 713. EGWE 23.6

Also, the services of her son W. C. White, then 30 years of age, were urgently requested. His experience as a publishing house manager at the Pacific Press on the West Coast, in the eyes of church leaders, qualified him “to take charge of the finishing and furnishing” of the publishing house at Basel. EGWE 24.1

The Review account of the presentation of this request at the 1884 General Conference session in November states that following the reading of the formal invitation, Elders Butler and Haskell spoke of “the desirability of a visit to Europe in the near future by Sr. White and her son, Eld. W. C. White.” They “responded that they stood ready to go whenever God should indicate by unmistakable providences that such was their duty.”—Ibid. EGWE 24.2