Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


A Vision in the Night Season

Then Ellen White presented a sobering vision God had given her the night before: EGWE 82.4

“A book was opened before me with the record of the past year's labor of the workmen, just as God viewed it. As I traced down the record, there stood every defect. With some, many hours spent in visiting and talking, occupied with unimportant matters, were registered as idle.... EGWE 82.5

“There was instruction given by the One whose hands held the records and whose eyes were tracing every feature.... His words were, You cannot trust in your own human ability or wisdom. You must have union of effort, union of faith; and you must counsel together. Not one of you is sufficient to be a leader. God will work for His people if they will give Him a chance.!—Ibid. EGWE 82.6

In the afternoon meeting, Ellen White had special messages of encouragement the Lord had given her for two of the ministers’ wives. She had not expected to speak on this topic at all, but God had planned for her and for them. “The Lord led my mind into a channel unexpected to myself, but from the testimonies borne after the meeting, I think it was just what the people needed.”—Manuscript 20, 1885. EGWE 83.1

The next day, after a morning ministers’ meeting, a significant action was taken by the council: EGWE 83.2

“Resolved, That we express our continued confidence in the gift of prophecy, which God has mercifully placed among His remnant people, and that we will endeavor to show our true appreciation of the same by practically carrying out its instruction.”—The Review and Herald, November 3, 1885. EGWE 83.3

In order to enable others to benefit from some of the counsel she had given at the session, it was also voted to prepare a book containing sketches of the Seventh-day Adventist missions, as well as the sermons of Mrs. White at the council.* EGWE 83.4

She was thrilled with the progress she had seen during the meetings. EGWE 83.5

“Elder Erzberger has come nobly to the work, humbling himself and confessing his backsliding. Elder Matteson is a transformed man. The peace of Christ is revealed in his countenance. He speaks of gaining precious victories over self.... Brother Daniel Bourdeau is a converted man. The Lord has wrought for him.... Brother Albert Vuilleumier spoke with deep feeling.... Well, all the testimonies were good.”—Manuscript 24, 1885. EGWE 83.6

No doubt the ordination service for Albert Vuilleumier Monday night, the last evening of the session, gave all the ministers an opportunity to renew their vows to the Lord. D. T. Bourdeau offered one of the prayers. His trials were not over, but he had gained a decisive victory. EGWE 83.7

Mrs. White spoke once more, on Tuesday morning at the final meeting of the council, and then, on Wednesday, she recorded in her diary, “Our meetings are ended. Our brethren are returning to their homes. We part with tender feelings.:—Ibid. EGWE 83.8