Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


Meetings in Gladbach

On Monday morning the little party left Vohwinkel for Gladbach, a city of some size, south of Vohwinkel and just to the north and east of Bonn, the present capital of West Germany. Sister White was pleased to find Brother Doerner at the station to meet them. They took a hack and were brought to the home of his mother. There Sister Doerner lived with her two daughters who were also Seventh-day Adventists. EGWE 282.1

A good German breakfast was waiting to be served, but Ellen White could not eat. She was forced to lie down and rest, and scarcely had strength to sit up. Illness in Basel and the strenuous meetings before she left for Germany left her almost exhausted. EGWE 282.2

She wrote of the Doerner family: EGWE 282.3

“Sister Doerner is the daughter of Brother Lindermann, who has kept the Sabbath for twenty-five or thirty years. He is now living, and is 83 years of age. It is through his influence that the Doerner family has received the Sabbath. There are three brothers who at the present time are observing the Sabbath. They are united owners of a large manufacturing establishment, in which cotton goods and cotton and woollen goods are made.”—The Review and Herald, October 11, 1887. EGWE 282.4