Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


Chapter 20—Turmoil and Peace

Developments in Norway and Denmark

While Ellen White did not feel too well on this second journey into the Scandinavian countries, she refused to let this keep her from doing her God-appointed work. And of course she needed a change from the incessant writing and speaking. So she and Sara bought cloth and were soon busy making dresses. She had consistently found diversion in sewing, meeting her own clothing needs and the needs of others. Often the church sisters sought her out as a buying companion, for she knew well how to select good material. EGWE 200.1

Writing to Mary in Basel, she asked for patterns so she could make her granddaughter, Ella, a neat garment, as well. Willie wrote home to his wife in a light vein: “Mother and Sara have carried on quite a stroke of dressmaking. If you will rent a store I think they will be able to stock it with a good line of dress goods.”—W. C. White letter, July 16, 1886. EGWE 200.2