Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887


Tramelan and the Roth Family

That night they slept at the Crown Hotel in Moutier, and Friday at dinnertime reached the pleasant home of the Roth family in Tramelan. The Roths were in many ways an exceptional Adventist family. They had ten children—seven boys and three girls—but unlike most Adventists of the time they were not exactly poor. The father and oldest son were merchant tailors, and the next son, Oscar, had been a successful baker, but was now working as a colporteur. The building in which the family lived contained their bakery, two tailor shops, and a general store where they handled hats, shoes, and groceries, as well. Two of the Roth children worked in the publishing house at Basel. EGWE 188.2

For the meeting that Friday evening the Roths’ large family room had been cleared, and benches and boards brought in. Besides the believers in Tramelan, a dozen had come from Chaux-de-Fonds to hear Ellen White speak. That night after the meeting she could not sleep until about midnight. This often happened when she spoke at an evening meeting. “When before the people I feel so deeply in earnest that they should come up to the holy standard erected by our Lord that I am unable to lay off the burden,” she explained (Manuscript 64, 1886). EGWE 188.3