Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1)


The Last Few Weeks of 1862

But back to the closing weeks of 1862. It was clear that there was a general understanding that James and Ellen White were much needed in the field, to keep in close touch with and build up the churches. Plans for November called for them to attend quarterly meetings in Monterey, November 8 and 9; Wright, November 15 and 16; and Greenville, November 22 and 23. Before the itinerary was over it had stretched to four weeks to include the church at Orleans, November 29 and 30. With the matter of organization largely settled, attention could be focused on spiritual revival. Ellen White's diary for November gives many details of the work done. She and her husband left Battle Creek Friday morning, November 7, for the fifty-mile drive by carriage to Monterey. They arrived very weary. Sabbath morning they began their work, and the Spirit of God led them into a somewhat new and promising line in evangelism, that of special work for the children and youth. 1BIO 481.2