Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1)


Spiritual Gifts,, Volume II, Comes from the Press

Sometime in the summer the first printing of Ellen White's work, Spiritual Gifts,, Volume II, came from the press. It carried the extended title My Christian Experience, Views, and Labors in Connection With the Rise and Progress of the Third Angel's Message. Two hundred and ninety-five pages were devoted to her life story up to the date of publication. Only four hundred copies were printed and sent out at this time, with a closing note requesting that “if any find incorrect statements in this book” they should “inform the author.” The finished book was promised about October Ibid., 2:295). The Review of September 18 announced that this volume of 304 pages was ready. Later printings carried more material. 1BIO 419.2