Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827-1862 (vol. 1)


The Eleven-Week Tour Through New England

Rather than the first of May, as anticipated by James White, it was mid-June when the Whites actually got off by carriage on another trip through New England. As they traveled up through Vermont and met with friends of the cause their hearts were cheered. 1BIO 319.1

As he interviewed leading workers he found them eager to move the Review office to Vermont and have the responsibility and burden of conducting it, unless the friends of the cause in some more central position would assume this responsibility. White declared: 1BIO 319.2

We shall no longer bear the burdens we have borne in Rochester; neither shall we move the office, east or west. The office is the property of the church. The church must wake up to this matter, and free us from responsibilities that have been forced upon us, and which we have reluctantly taken. We must have freedom and repose, or go into the grave.—Ibid., August 7, 1855 1BIO 319.3