Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6)


Evangelist Simpson's Effective Ministry

Elder Simpson came to Oakland as a new voice, and it was thought well to choose a new location for his meetings. A place was found for the large tent in the business part of the city, near the post office. Sister White took satisfaction in helping to fold the handbills announcing the meetings. 6BIO 111.1

The weather was remarkably good, and Elder Simpson's meetings were well attended. He had an audience of about 500 every evening. Of his methods Ellen White wrote: 6BIO 111.2

Brother Simpson is an intelligent evangelist. He speaks with the simplicity of a child. Never does he bring any slur into his discourses. He preaches directly from the Word, letting the Word speak to all classes. His strong arguments are the words of the Old and the New Testaments. He does not seek for words that would merely impress the people with his learning, but he endeavors to let the Word of God speak to them directly in clear, distinct utterance. If any refuse to accept the message, they must reject the Word.—Letter 326, 1906 (Evangelism, 204). 6BIO 111.3

Simpson dwelt especially on the prophecies of Daniel and of John in the book of Revelation. His unique methods gripped the audiences: 6BIO 111.4

He has large representations of the beasts spoken of in these books. These beasts are made of papier-mache, and by an ingenious invention, they may be brought at the proper time before the congregation. Thus he holds the attention of the people, while he preaches the truth to them. Through this effort hundreds will be led to a better understanding of the Bible than they ever had before, and we trust that there will be many conversions.— Ibid. 6BIO 111.5

His manner of work reminded Ellen White of the work done in 1842-1844. He used the Bible, and the Bible alone, to prove his points, presenting a plain “Thus saith the Lord” (Letter 350, 1906 [Evangelism, 204]). As to his speaking, she wrote that “not one careless or unnecessary word escapes his lips. He speaks forcibly and solemnly.” 6BIO 111.6