Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6)


A Vision of Coming Destruction

After the dedication service at Loma Linda Sunday afternoon, April 15, Ellen White and her associate workers stayed on at the Sanitarium through Monday. She was to return to Los Angeles on Tuesday and would speak at the Southern California Conference session held in the Carr Street church in Los Angeles on Wednesday. She would be en route to San Diego and the dedication of Paradise Valley Sanitarium the next week. 6BIO 79.4

Monday night, April 16, while still at Loma Linda, a solemnizing vision was given to her. “A most wonderful representation,” she said, “passed before me.” Describing it in an article appearing in Testimonies for the Church, volume 9, she wrote: 6BIO 79.5

During a vision of the night, I stood on an eminence, from which I could see houses shaken like a reed in the wind. Buildings, great and small, were falling to the ground. Pleasure resorts, theaters, hotels, and the homes of the wealthy were shaken and shattered. Many lives were blotted out of existence, and the air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the terrified.... The awfulness of the scenes that passed before me I cannot find words to describe. It seemed that the forbearance of God was exhausted and that the judgment day had come.... 6BIO 79.6

Terrible as was the representation that passed before me, that which impressed itself most vividly upon my mind was the instruction given in connection with it. The angel that stood by my side declared that God's supreme rulership and the sacredness of His law must be revealed to those who persistently refuse to render obedience to the King of kings. Those who choose to remain disloyal must be visited in mercy with judgments, in order that, if possible, they may be aroused to a realization of the sinfulness of their course.—Pages 92, 93. (Italics supplied.) 6BIO 80.1

She woke up and switched on the lamp by her bed. It was 1:00 A.M. Tuesday morning. She was relieved to discover that she was safe in her room at Loma Linda Sanitarium. 6BIO 80.2

During the hours of Tuesday morning she seemed dazed (Letter 137, 1906). In the afternoon she and her helpers took the train for Los Angeles and went on to Glendale. 6BIO 80.3

That night Ellen White was given another vision: 6BIO 80.4

I was again instructed regarding the holiness and binding claims of the Ten Commandments, and the supremacy of God above all earthly rulers. It seemed as if I were before many people, and presenting scripture after scripture in support of the precepts spoken by the Lord from Sinai's height.—The Review and Herald, July 5, 1906.