Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6)


A Year of Earnest Book Preparation

The few letters she wrote in 1913 and some of the many W. C. White letters indicate the place that book preparation took. 6BIO 380.3

February 18: Mother is quite well these days, but not at all strong. Our work in the office is progressing nicely. Minnie and Maggie are at work collecting material for Gospel Workers.—WCW to AGD, February 18, 1913. 6BIO 380.4

March 31: [Mother] keeps quite cheerful, rides out almost every pleasant day, reads all the manuscripts that we are preparing for the printer, gives us much valuable counsel about the work.—WCW to N. H. Druillard, March 31, 1913. 6BIO 380.5

May 7: I have a company of faithful workers, who are helping to prepare matter for the press. They are of good courage, and look on the bright side. We are doing our best to gather together the precious instruction that the people need.—Letter 9, 1913. 6BIO 380.6

August 28: The past few months I have not done much letter writing, for I have wished to keep my strength for the reading of important matter in my book work. I have with me an excellent company of workers, men and women who are as true as steel to principle, and whose entire interests are bound up with this work. My faith has increased as I have tried to do my best to complete my writings.—Letter 11, 1913. 6BIO 380.7

December 4: I am fairly well healthwise, not suffering much pain, but I realize that old age is reminding me that I am mortal. My book work is still taking my time, and I am trying to finish my work with joy and not with grief. I have not lost my courage.—Letter 13, 1913. 6BIO 380.8

December 31: Some lines of our work are moving forward well. Sister Bree is making steady progress in the preparation of copy for Gospel Workers. Mother is reading this article by article, and enjoys it very much.—WCW to AGD, December 31, 1913. 6BIO 381.1