Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6)


The Vote To Advance

At this point the delegates were called upon to vote on the recommendations presented by the plans committee. This called for the establishment of a full-fledged medical school at Loma Linda. The vote was unanimous. 6BIO 289.8

Then the delegates proposed that the matter be submitted to the whole congregation for their action. Again the vote favoring the establishment of a medical school was unanimous. The die was cast. The church would have a medical school at Loma Linda. 6BIO 290.1

Ellen White continued to watch with deep interest the developments at Loma Linda, and her counsel was sought often and followed. Yet the high point of decision-making, predicated on the counsels given to the church through the messenger of the Lord, was reached at the meeting in Mountain View. The whole experience was a heavy strain on Ellen White; of it she declared, “That severe taxation at Mountain View was a terrible ordeal to me.”—Letter 150, 1910. 6BIO 290.2