Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6)


The St. Helena Camp Meeting

Now her mind was on the camp meeting to be held at St. Helena, June 20-30. A good site was chosen, the large tent was pitched, and about it a hundred family tents, accommodating 500 campers. 6BIO 132.4

Although her Elmshaven home was but three miles away, Ellen White wanted to camp on the grounds for the full meeting. She was nearing her eightieth birthday and had been attending camp meetings for forty years. She reported that the campground was “excellent, and the presentation of tents good” (Manuscript 155, 1907). 6BIO 132.5

The large pavilion was well filled each afternoon and evening (Pacific Union Recorder, June 27, 1907). Evening meetings centered upon the second coming of Jesus; daytime meetings were “practical and heart searching” (Ibid., June 27, 1907). Ellen White spoke nearly every day, and on the first Sabbath morning closed her address on the Sabbath truth with an appeal to backsliders. Fifty responded. Thursday afternoon she spoke especially to the youth. The weather was good, and the camp meeting closed Sunday, June 30, with a baptism of twenty-four in the nearby Napa River. 6BIO 132.6