Ms 93, 1898


Ms 93, 1898

“Ask, and Ye Shall Receive.”

Stanmore, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

July 22, 1898

Previously unpublished.

July 21, W. C. White, Sister Sara McEnterfer, and Mrs. E. G. White stepped on board the evening train at Dora Creek en route for Stanmore. We were all very weary and worn, but were favored with a compartment to ourselves. I lay down and slept nearly all the way to Strathfield. At Strathfield we changed cars, and another train took us to Petersham. From the Petersham station we took a cab to the Stanmore mission, where Brother and Sister Starr preside. It was twelve o’clock before we retired to rest. Ms93-1898.1

On the following morning I read important matters on asking and receiving in order to give. Ms93-1898.2