Life Sketches Manuscript


Chapter 2—Conversion

In March 1840, William Miller visited Portland, ME and gave a course of lectures on the second coming of Christ. These lectures produced a great sensation and the Christian church on Casco Street, where the lectures were given, was crowded day and night. No wild excitement attended these meetings but a deep solemnity pervaded the minds of those who heard. Not only was a great interest manifested in the city, but the country people flocked in day after day bringing their lunch baskets, and remaining from morning until the close of the evening meeting. In company with my friends I attended these meetings. Mr. Miller traced down the prophecies with an exactness that struck conviction to the hearts of his hearers. He dwelt upon the prophetic periods, and piled up proofs to strengthen his position. Then his solemn and powerful appeals and admonitions to those who were unprepared held the crowds as if spellbound. LSMS 13.1