Life Sketches Manuscript


Chapter 12—Labors In New Hampshire

About this time I was shown that it was my duty to visit our people in New Hampshire. My constant and faithful companion at this time was Sister Louisa Foss, a sister of Samuel Foss, the husband of my sister Mary. I can never forget her kind and sisterly attention to me in my journeys. We were also accompanied by Elder Files and his wife, who were old and valued friends of my family, and by Brother Ralph Haskins and Elder James White. LSMS 104.1

We were cordially received by our friends in New Hampshire, but there were wrongs existing in that field which burdened me much. We had to meet a Spirit of self—righteousness that was very depressing. I had previously been shown the pride and exaltation of certain ones whom we visited, but I had not the courage to meet them with my testimony. Had I done so, the Lord would have sustained me in doing my duty. LSMS 104.2