Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850]


MR No. 775—Study of Languages

Had you, my brother, worked more through an interpreter in the place of studying so much to speak the language, you would have been working your way into the hearts of the people and into the language too, and kept up better courage all the time.—Letter 1, 1883, p. 21. (To J. N. Andrews, March 29, 1883.) 10MR 8.1

I would caution you [B. L. Whitney], Do not confine yourself to Switzerland, neither settle down to learn the French language, but become acquainted first with the condition of the whole European mission.—Letter 2, 1883, p. 2. (To B. L. Whitney, March 30, 1883.) 10MR 8.2

[Note: It should be noted that the men specifically addressed in these counsels were older men working a multi-language field, and in the main their duties were quite general in nature. It would be a misuse to suggest that these brief excerpts should counter the counsel given by Ellen White and by church leaders that those called to labor in other countries should be thorough students of the language used in the area in which they were to labor, seeking to master it.] 10MR 8.3

White Estate

Washington, D. C.

April 2, 1980.