Manuscript Releases, vol. 10 [Nos. 771-850]


MR No. 848—A Knowledge of God Through Christ

Who can sweep away the delusions that now exist among professed Christians? Men are making painstaking efforts to see Jerusalem, they are digging in the earth for hidden cities, and to find inscriptions, which the Lord has seen fit to bury with the corrupted, defiled inhabitants, but the Lord has not laid it upon man to search out these mysteries. [From the context it appears that Ellen White is simply stating that there are better ways to “find out God” than through archeological excavations.] We cannot find out God by searching, by seeking to understand mysterious problems. 10MR 389.1

Jesus came from heaven to reveal God. He came to represent the Father. The time, the strength, the money expended in searching out these old, buried-up inscriptions, will not bring a greater knowledge than that which Christ has brought to our world. His prayer to His Father is (and I would that you would listen as for your life): “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom He hath sent” (John 17:3). Union with Christ is an union with God through Christ. There is a life in the soul of everyone who has formed this mystical, spiritual union with Christ that never fades or fails. We need an abiding Christ, yet many comprehend it not, and the world doubts whether we have the truth or any divine message from God. They judge us by the fruit we bear. 10MR 389.2

Through self-love, through self-indulgence, the love of Christ is extinguished from the heart. But let us weave Christ into our plans, and let self have far less importance. Let the voices that have been heard so frequently in your councils be heard less frequently, and let Christ, the light, the truth, the way, preside in your midst as your counselor.—Letter 22, 1894, p. 13. (To Brother Eldredge, August 12, 1894.) 10MR 390.1

White Estate

Washington, D. C.,

April 27, 1981.