Manuscript Releases, vol. 16 [Nos. 1186-1235]


MR No. 1202—Diary Fragments—July to October, 1907

Elmshaven, St. Helena, California, July 22, 1907

This morning I praise the Lord that I have not suffered as I did last night. The left limb has troubled me for many long years. The ligaments were torn from the ankle. The word was, You will never be able to use your foot, for it has been so long without close investigation that nothing can relieve the difficulty and unite the ligaments torn from the ankle bone. The limb was injured from my being thrown from my pony. I was riding in a journey to Middle Park [Colorado]. [SEPTEMBER 4, 1872.] The hip was injured and the whole limb was shrunken, and now this new difficulty. But all this was relieved by the best kind of treatment. 16MR 126.1

I use my limb carefully, but last night the pain in the ankle seemed unendurable. I could not sleep but I could pray, and the Lord, who has relieved me so many times, helped me. Our Saviour has told us to call upon Him. I have felt so thankful for that prayer Christ taught His disciples. It embraces everything for the inhabitants of the earth. Toward morning I slept, and when I awoke the pain was gone. I realize now the Lord was merciful, and I will praise Him in whom is my dependence and my trust. The Lord be praised. 16MR 126.2

I had reason to be thankful the pain was not in my heart, for I have suffered with my heart, but the Lord is very gracious to me. I shall be eighty years old next November 26. I can go up and down stairs as readily as my young women workers, and the Lord has wonderfully blessed me with voice to reach the thousands upon our campground. I will praise the Lord and glorify His name. 16MR 126.3

I am now preparing the private testimonies, for they contain so many warnings in regard to the very dangers we are passing through. No man has a right to be judge over his fellow man as his God-given right. What Christ was in His life, we are to strive to be. Christ is our model, not only in His spotless holiness, but in compassion and patience and forbearance and love. “Learn of me,” saith the perfect Teacher, “for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” We are to learn of Christ true courtesy and excellent judgment, and we are never to place ourselves as a God to tell any man his duty, for that is not given us of God. 16MR 127.1