Lt 158, 1899


Lt 158, 1899

Lindsay, Kate

“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia

October 12, 1899

This letter is published in entirety in 19MR 145.

Dear Sister:

I have written much this morning, to Dr. Anthony and his wife, Brother Bicknall and his wife, Brother Harmon Lindsay and Mother Wessels, and I now address you. When are you coming to Australia? We need your assistance. We ask you to come just as soon as possible. You can help us much with your experience. Lt158-1899.1

I am sorry for the difficulties which exist in the sanitarium, but the Lord understands all about it, and He will work to set things in order. Lt158-1899.2

We are doing everything we can to advance the work in Australia, and we greatly need the help you can give us at this time. I want you to write at once, and tell us what you can do to help our young women here. You could educate them as no man could do. I send you a most hearty invitation to come to Australia just as soon as you feel you can leave the Cape Town Sanitarium. We shall not consent to have you pass us by. We need your experience in our sanitarium. We must have help. Lt158-1899.3

I must now close this short letter. Lt158-1899

With respect and love. Lt158-1899