Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


MR No. 363—Ministers to Exercise

Your position in connection with the work here has not been a favorable one for you. The close confinement to an indoor, sedentary life is not suited to your constitution. The undue determination of blood to the brain, causes your mind to become confused, you do not think clearly; and more than this, your life is in danger from apoplexy. Instead of being confined indoors, you should be as much as possible in the open air. 6MR 122.1

When your mind is weary or confused, if questions of a perplexing nature are brought before you, you cannot see just how to answer them, and you turn the questioners off with a blunt response, or do not answer at all. Evil results have come from this.... 6MR 122.2

There is a large amount of work to be done in other lines where you can accomplish good if you are in living connection with God. The churches need the labor you can give them. You can do a precious work in teaching the truth. You can present your ideas of Bible truth in such a manner that others are able to grasp them.—Letter 25a, 1892, pp. 1, 2. (To G. C. Tenney, Editor of the Bible Echo, December 23, 1892.) 6MR 122.3

Released March 26, 1974.