Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


MR No. 352—Regarding Moses Hull

Brother Hull is quite free again, for which we feel very thankful. He will accompany us to Greenville and then will return to Wright to give a course of lectures.... 6MR 98.1

We have recently been much burdened on Brother Hull's account. We about gave him up as lost. He has no help at home and Satan has been determined to overthrow him. He needed all the strength and help from his brethren he could get, but Brethren _____ and _____ told some of their difficulties and perplexities to him. It seemed they had no particular object, only to talk out what was in their minds—unbelief and darkness. They passed on but Brother Hull was just in that weak condition where the words of his brethren whom he had confidence in could take root and spring up and bear fruit. Some few difficult passages of scripture were thrown into his mind. 6MR 98.2

He came to meeting and honestly told his feelings. Unbelievers were present. One was a minister. He [Hull] did not know it. He gravely told James and the brethren he could not preach, for he did not believe the Bible any more. They thought him merely under the influence of temptation and tried to turn his mind, but it was of no avail. In this state Brother Hull went some miles distant to discuss with a spiritualist. He came back charmed with the man and as much fascinated as ever a bird was fascinated by a rattlesnake. He was a changed man. He looked so strange, talked so strange. He had got far ahead of us all—far beyond us, almost out of sight of us. We could not help him. Oh, no. 6MR 98.3

The object of our meeting Wednesday night was to pray for Brother Hull, he being present. I had been very sick for above a week, threatened with fever, but I went to the meeting. In that meeting I was taken off in vision and shown many things. And the case of Brother Hull was shown me—that he had been mesmerized, charmed by a special agent of Satan. Already had Satan, I saw, claimed him as his prey. Already had evil angels telegraphed to Satan's agents upon earth that Brother Hull would soon leave the Seventh-day Adventists and join their ranks, and the spiritualist medium with whom he discussed must be all gentleness, and charm him and fascinate him. He was almost continually in the company of this spiritualist medium and Satan exulted at the conquest he had made. 6MR 99.1

Then I saw how cruel, how dishonoring to God to have ministers or private members talk out or lisp their unbelief and infidel feelings to other minds, and by so doing have Satan use them as agents to transmit his fiery darts through them to others. I saw that there was much of this done, and Satan exults that he works unperceived in this way. Much more I saw which I cannot write; it would take so much time. 6MR 99.2

I related the vision to Brother Hull. He remained unmoved. I wrote it next day and read it to him. He manifested some feeling while I was writing the testimony. All the females who had faith met to pray for Brother Hull. All worked with energy. The spiritualists flocked around him and wanted to visit and talk with him. We tried to prevent an interview and did. Wednesday evening I took George Amadon, Martha, and Brother and Sister Myron Cornell, and I read distinctly and emphatically the testimony the Lord had given me. He there promised me he would try to arouse and make an effort again. He had so given up to the powers of darkness that there was no collision of spirits. He was at perfect rest and peace. 6MR 99.3

After I read the vision we told him he must go with us to Monterey. He promised to go and I left him. Then Brother George and wife, Myron and wife, had a long and most powerful prayer meeting for him. He left that night for Monterey. He took the cars for Kalamazoo and then the stage for Allegan. Early the next morn we started for Monterey. Sabbath morn at family prayers the Lord led me out to pray for Brother Hull. I felt that I had got hold of the arm of God and I would not let go until the power of Satan was broken and His servant delivered. Prayer was heard and Brother Hull was set free and he labored with us through the conference at Monterey. 6MR 100.1

We dare not leave him yet. He will stay with us until he is free and rooted and grounded in the truth. I saw that when ministers talked unbelief and doubts they attracted evil angels in crowds around them while the angels of God stood back in sorrow, and everywhere these ministers go they carry that darkness until they with fortitude resist the devil and he flees from them.... 6MR 100.2

Brother Hull has told me recently what the spiritualist medium told him (also a lady medium), that the spirits had informed them that Brother Hull would soon leave the Adventists and become a spiritualist, confirming what had been shown me in vision, as I have written you.—Letter 11, 1862, pp. 4, 5-7. (To J. N. Andrews, circa November 9, 1862.) 6MR 100.3

Sister Hull, your case was shown me as being very critical. You may overcome. You can redeem the time. God pities you. I saw that you have grown up with the habit of exaggerating. You have talked much and are not careful to relate matters just as they are told you or just as they exist. You talk too much. You should reflect more and talk less.... I saw that God pities you. Your teachings in your youth were not what they should have been, and you have therefore the stronger effort to make now to overcome that which has grown with your growth and strengthened with your strength. But by watchfulness and prayer and the patient, persevering help of your brethren you can overcome. I saw that Brother Hull has had but little help at home to bear him up and he has been sinking for some time under discouragement. God help you to arise together and make powerful efforts for everlasting life.—Letter 20, 1862, pp. 1, 2. (To Mrs. Hull, circa 1862.) 6MR 100.4

Released January 23, 1974.