Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]



I have a message for you. Those who serve the cause of God, need to be men of prayer, men who will heed the instruction that the Lord is giving regarding the prosecution of His work. 6MR 73.3

I am deeply impressed as I realize that time is rapidly passing. Every worker should now be daily converted, and every power be employed in doing a work in our large cities that has been strangely neglected. 6MR 73.4

I entreat of you to delay not to open the fields that so greatly need attention, and that have scarcely been touched. This is your work. There is need of a reformation in the work that God has pointed out for you to do in opening new fields. There is much to be done in bringing before the world the light of Bible truth in its sacred simplicity, and you both need to be revived by the influence of the Holy Spirit of God. Let the refining grace of truth lead you into the deepest experience of consecration and sanctification. 6MR 73.5

You need to realize the necessity of home religion, and earnest activity for the glory of God. Let the sanctification of the truth come into your home life. Let there be nothing common in your words and actions. May the softening, subduing, and sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit impart to you meekness and gentleness, and may the presence of the Spirit close the door of the heart to the great apostate who is determined, if possible, to gain control. If you could but see as the Lord sees, you would discern how persistently the enemy of souls is seeking to attain the ascendancy.... 6MR 74.1

Some things were clearly opened before me during the last meeting I attended in Washington, D. C. But those who ought to have been the first to recognize the movings of the Holy Spirit were not sufficiently impressed to receive the light and to act in harmony with it. The work in the cities has not yet been carried forward as it should be.... 6MR 74.2

The Lord calls for ministers to go into the cities, men who realize that Satanic agencies are taking counsel together to work with their deceiving influence upon every mind, to the end that the gospel message shall not be proclaimed. 6MR 74.3

Time is rapidly passing, and there is much to be done. We have come far short of doing the very work that has been specified by the Holy Spirit to be done, the work of giving the Bible truth to those who know it not. 6MR 74.4

Seven men should have been chosen to be united with the President, to set in operation a work in the great cities for those who are perishing without the truth, while no determined efforts are being put forth to save them. These seven men should be men who are wide awake, men that are humble and meek and lowly in heart. Never should the cities have been neglected as they are; for there has come most decidedly message after message calling for earnest labor. 6MR 75.1

No less than seven men should be chosen to carry the large responsibilities of the work of God in the great cities. And these men should humble themselves daily, and seek the Lord most earnestly for sanctified wisdom. They should relate themselves to God as men desirous to be taught. They must be men of prayer, who realize the peril of their own souls. What should be the work of these seven men?—They should investigate the needs of the cities, and put forth earnest, decided efforts to advance the work. 6MR 75.2

Will you not now gather up many of my past messages, study them, and present them to the people? It is high time that our churches should know what has been the word of the Lord. These cities must not remain unwarned. 6MR 75.3

The Lord will test and prove every one who professes to be righteous. Many of our people, and among them some who are laborers, are not ready for the Lord's appearing. For your souls’ sake, my brethren, heed the messages that the Lord sends to you. Let every one take heed to his own soul's salvation, and then work earnestly for the salvation of others. 6MR 75.4

If those who are consecrated unite to work untiringly for souls, they can do great good in our conferences and in our camp-meetings. Our camp-meetings must not be treated indifferently. Let the time of these gatherings be regarded as precious, and let it be devoted to seeking the Lord sincerely for a fitness to serve the Lord in humility. In many cases there should be less of lengthy sermonizing, and more hunting and fishing for souls. 6MR 76.1

Let Christ be the Teacher. If we obey His word, and do His works, we shall never be found on the background. Presidents of conferences, to whom the Lord has given great light, will you not decide to deal truly with your own souls’ best interests? Walk in the light while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you.... 6MR 76.2

I feel an intense interest that in this period of time, no haphazard work shall be done. Satan and his agencies are playing the game of life for our souls. His plan is to steal away the true conviction of the Holy Spirit. For months I have been troubled because I see that many are not discerning the signs of the times. 6MR 76.3

You were present at the General Conference last spring when the power of God rested upon me as I delivered His messages. If those messages had been received and acted upon, I should not now be suffering under the burden that I am carrying. 6MR 76.4

I dare not be silent longer. Angels of great power were expelled from heaven because of the spirit of self-exaltation. They felt that they should be above Christ. These fallen angels are now at work to deceive those that will give heed to their deceptions, and to delay and hinder the work of God.... 6MR 76.5

Read the whole of the twenty-eighth chapter of Ezekiel carefully, and pray that you may understand the working of God. We are dealing with fallen angels and with fallen men. 6MR 77.1

I would that our conference presidents, our physicians, and all our ministers might understand the message that the Lord gave me in Washington. I did not speak in my own strength. But some of the very ones who needed most the warnings given have chosen to follow on in their own ideas, and I am sorry that their hearts are not awake to the work of the hour. 6MR 77.2

Our brethren should study carefully the instruction given in “Gospel Workers.” Valuable instruction is given in the chapter “Personal Effort.” 6MR 77.3

Let our brethren east and west fast and pray earnestly, and humble their souls before God, O, that all would be reconverted, and not give up till they know that they are following on to know the Lord. Those who humbly follow on to know the Lord will know that His going forth is prepared as the morning. 6MR 77.4

There is encouragement for all in the third chapter of Zechariah: [Entire chapter quoted].—Letter 58, 1910, pp. 1-4, 6, 7. (To Elders Daniells and Prescott, June 15, 1910.) 6MR 77.5