Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


Origin of Sin

Man cannot change one attribute of his diseased character. Man aspired to be as God, and from that fatal moment the originator of evil began to alienate him from God. Satan is the author of all envy, all jealousy, all deception, and all strife. He erected the traitor's ensign of revolt upon this earth. He manifested his apostasy by his insane effort to create an empire governed by himself. He is the author of every sin which has cursed the earth.—Letter 20, 1901, p. 8. (To Dr. J. H. Kellogg, January 28, 1901.) 6MR 6.1

This morning my heart is full of gratitude to my Saviour for His healing power. Yesterday I suffered all day with heartache as I thought of how Satan is working to gain entrance to every mind that is open to his devisings. He will use his artifice as he used it among the heavenly angels, presenting his scientific problems to deceive, sowing seed that would bear the fruit of rebellion, and yet working with such apparent innocence that when the seed that he himself had sown had taken root, he drew from the angels expressions of disaffection, and then reported the result of his own seed-sowing as sentiments held by certain of the angels. This work could not be dealt with until the results of his artful suggestions had fully developed.—Manuscript 13, 1906. p. 1. (“Israel's Apostasy at Sinai,” December 11, 1905.) 6MR 6.2