Manuscript Releases, vol. 6 [Nos. 347-418]


The Minister in the Home

Treat your wife tenderly. She needs all the care and comfort and encouragement that you promised in your marriage vow to give her. Do not give her the slightest occasion to question your loyalty of your sincere desire to fulfil your obligations.—Letter 164, 1902, pp. 8, 9. (To Elder A. T. Jones, September, 1902.) 6MR 47.1

The father of the household represents the divine lawgiver, whom God has made His vicegerent in his family to carry out upright principles, as did Abraham, keeping heaven continually in view, and doing his work after the divine order for time and for eternity.—Manuscript 24b, 1894, p. 6. (“Testimony Concerning Idleness,” April 30, 1894.) 6MR 47.2

When a minister has performed his ministerial duties, he must have time for his family responsibilities. He is not to be watched and criticized if every moment of his time is not employed in the special work of preaching and visiting.—Letter 168, 1899, p. 4. (To Brother Mountain, October 25, 1899.) 6MR 47.3